Saravio Overview

Saravio is

Located in Beppu-city (Oita prefecture, Japan) which is greatly known as the richness of hot spring resources in the world.

A company consistently improving Research & Development (R&D) and Product Development in order to “Contribute to people’s health and beauty via Onsense.

Company Profile

Chairman and Executive Director : Shigeru HAMADA
President and Representative Director : Takuya HAMADA
Date Founded : July 20, 2006
Company Address : 1356-6 Oaza- Tsurumi, Beppu-shi, Oita Prefecture, Japan
Capital : 63 Million Yen
Number of Employees : 70
Company (management) CREDO : Continue Evolving
Company (management) Vision : Save people all around the world from hair loss, pain and itch through Onsen efficacy

Company History

Established (2006)

Our company is based in Beppu (Oita) which is known as the No.1 Onsen-city in Japan (e.g., Variation of Onsen, number of Onsen and the quantity of Onsen water are all the best in Japan). In order to “Contribute to people’s health and beauty via Onsense, we are consistently improving research especially focused on Algae Extract (Onsen microorganism).

Progress (2012)

Saravio discovered a new ingredient “Algae Extract RG92! The remarkable Anti-inflammatory effects are applied to the product development for saving people from pain and itch. Global (2015) not only anti-inflammatory effects, we found out that Algae Extract RG92 also has Anti-aging effects! To maximize its utility, Saravio has launched an Overseas Division to contribute to people’s health and beauty all around the world.

Our Research

Saravio has started business from the following two main researches. We are continuing to step up in research and product development.

How We Discovered “Hot Spring Algae RG92

RG92 Effect and Efficacy

RG92 - Patent Acquisition


Saravio Cosmetics have a range of products for all common skin, hair and health problems like acne, blemishes, dry skin, eczema, sunburns, rashes, hair fall, dandruff, arthritis, joint pains and much more. Unlike other beauty care and health care products available in the market, Saravio products are 100% organic. The healing properties found in algae growing in the hot springs in Japan make it a great base for all Saravio’s products.

Feedback from customers

M1 Hair Care Series

RG92 Skin Care Lotion